Mission of BHHI

The mission of BHHI is to deliver comprehensive, integrative and individualized healthcare to each patient in order to achieve freedom from headache. Our integrative and multidisciplinary approach is designed to attain optimum health of body, mind and spirit. 

Vision of BHHI

The vision of BHHI Center is to improve the quality of our patients’ lives by providing the highest quality of integrative medical treatment to create healthy people in healthy communities, living up to their full potential with vitality and passion.

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Yoga Therapy

Yoga means “union” of mind, body and spirit. Yoga Therapy addresses specific health problems, either in small groups or one-on-one. At BHHI, our registered yoga therapist will tailor the yoga therapy for each patient depending upon their unique circumstances, under the close supervision of a board-certified physician. Yoga Therapy is a powerful tool for creating, restoring and preserving good health. By combining motion, mindful breathing and bodily awareness, Yoga Therapy offers major benefits for body, mind and spirit. At BHHI, Yoga Therapy is an integral part of the comprehensive headache reduction program helping patients treat their headaches. 

           Doris Puehringer RYT-500
           Registered Medical Yoga Therapist
                                    (500 level)

Doris Puehringer RYT-500

Registered Medical Yoga Therapist (500 level)

Born and raised in Austria, Doris has practiced yoga since childhood. She has now been in the U.S. for18 years and is a registered Yoga Teacher with the internationally recognized Yoga Alliance. In 2009, Doris graduated from “Yoga Therapy Rx,” an intensive two-year program at Loyola Marymount University, and is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Her approach to teaching yoga is authentic, compassionate, and nurturing, with emphasis on healing body, mind, and spirit. Doris has been affiliated with the Beverly Hills Headache Institute and Sanare Sanctuary for the past six years. She leads both group and private sessions.