Mission of BHHI

The mission of BHHI is to deliver comprehensive, integrative and individualized healthcare to each patient in order to achieve freedom from headache. Our integrative and multidisciplinary approach is designed to attain optimum health of body, mind and spirit. 

Vision of BHHI

The vision of BHHI Center is to improve the quality of our patients’ lives by providing the highest quality of integrative medical treatment to create healthy people in healthy communities, living up to their full potential with vitality and passion.

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Initial Consultation

When you come as a new patient  to the Beverly Hills Headache Institute, we ask that you set aside a two hour block of time for the initial evaluation.

This two hour session includes the following:

• An extremely detailed history including your complete past medical and family history, and review of any medical records and tests that may have been done in the past (it is highly recommended that you bring in any previous medical evaluations that have been done in the past, including any tests such as CT scans or MRI examinations)

• A comprehensive neurological examination

• Once Dr. Singh has arrived at a preliminary diagnosis as to the type and the cause of your headaches, all different possible therapies (herbal, pharmacological, acupuncture, etc.) will be discussed, including the relative risks and benefits of the different therapies in detail

• An initial health care and treatment plan to put into action. The reason this is called the initial plan is that the treatment of headaches is highly individualized and everyone responds differently to different treatments. Part of the plan is to reassess and make changes to the plan based upon your response to the initial treatment.

Our aim is not to provide you with a quick-fix and send you on your way. In fact the quick-fix approach is partly responsible for the growing epidemic of headache. For a successful program, it is critical that you form a close relationship with your providers and there is a plan for ongoing care. At BHHI, not only do we recommend forming a close partnership with our patients, it is an integral part of the Headache Treatment Protocol.

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