Resolutions For The New Year, Will They Last Or Disappear?

The year’s gone, the new year’s here
The time for resolutions draws near
How many will succeed, only time will tell
While bidding the past year a fond farewell


Weight loss and exercise are the top two,
Giving up smoking can be a break through
Managing money better is in great style
Reducing debt can put a big smile
Energized and excited, but with nary a plan
Soon fizzles out for many a common man
Successful people get a head start        
Beginning the process with a vision chart
Come January 1st, we hit the gym
In an attempt to look like the kardashian twin
But the next day when the muscles get sore
Resolutions go out the proverbial door.
           To lose weight we go on a diet
           Is it motivating? We go very quiet
           The thought of celery makes us cringe
           As if it was a hypodermic syringe.
Why do resolutions fail, you may ask
Why is getting results such a big task?
I do have willpower, you may say
So why don’t I get results, to my great dismay?
A lot of us set unrealistic goals
And our strategies have a lot of holes
Instant gratification is the name of the game
The more we want to change, the more we stay the same.
It may be the new year, but it’s the same you
Unless you change your habits, its as hard as kung fu
We usually start with a false expectation
Without creating a rock solid foundation
    Don’t be cynical, small and critical
    This is not being savvy and analytical
    Inspiring it is not, nor is it smart
    Change your habits, before you fall apart
An abstract goal is a sure fail
It does not motivate, it will not prevail
For long lasting results, a habit create
With the power to restore the natural state.


Set small, specific and achievable goals
Create the foundation, gives you control
Forget the excuses and be committed
Then, in your mind you will stand acquitted.


Believe in your ability, create a smart plan
You will do it, if you think you can.
Journey of a 1000 miles starts with a step
But it may fail without a proper prep.
Habit: stop smoking one cigarette a day
Habit: add a small salad before your filet
Habit: walk for 15 minutes daily, a child’s play
Habit: meditate for 5 minutes, this is the way.
Resolve to be kind, lend a hand
Resolve to smile, instead of command
Resolve to laugh and to understand
Resolve to breathe, help your adrenal gland.
   Live abundantly, avoid deprivation
   Align with your values, avoid frustration
   Set intentions, make them meaningful
   Make life joyous and peaceful.
Final thought:
The past is gone, never to return
Future no one can see, important to discern
Make goals, but live in the present
This, my friend, to you is my present.
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4 Responses to Resolutions For The New Year, Will They Last Or Disappear?

  1. Marilyn Hassett says:

    Dear Dr Singh, this is the best New Years greeting I can remember receiving. You’ve once again simplified the way to health, happiness and achievement.
    Thank you for this and your year round gifts. Marilyn Hassett

    • Ravinder Singh, MD says:

      Thanks for the kind words Marilyn. I do try to keep it simple. We need to create goals based upon our intentions and our vision, rather than just resolutions.

  2. Valerie Campbell says:

    Dear Dr. Singh!
    I’m reading your poem for the 1st time the day before Valentines Day.
    It seems more appropriate for me today than it would have for New Years
    Why? Once again when I start to run around frazzled & on empty, life gives
    Me a sign to slow down & rethink. Last night , with headache& no sleep
    I’m in the car anyway~ result ? Flat tire! I was your patient 5 years back
    And today, after 6 neurologists – ( poly neuropathy ) the miracle that saves
    Me is yoga & meditation! I look forward to joining up with Doris Puringer ‘s class
    Again – because loving myself 1st, helps me love everyone else better. Thank you
    From my heart, Warmly, Valerie Campbell

  3. Eric Fredericksen says:

    Typical “Singh”. Fun and profound at the same time!

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